Always With You - Psalms - eBook

Always With You - Psalms - eBook

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*Note* - This is the digital version of this book made for consumption on digital devices. It is in .EPUB format. For the print version, click here.

The book of Psalms is the prayer book of the Bible and is helpful for anyone who wants to learn to pray or to deepen their prayer life. It addresses the universal human experiences of fear, grief and loneliness and gives voice to the joy of community, the vitality of worship, and the hope of God’s promises. Always With You is a devotional Bible study which explores different types of psalms. Each day you will be given a psalm to read and reflect on, and each week a discussion guide will engage your small group in reflective and insightful conversations. This study of the beautiful songs and poems that are the Psalms reminds us that our lives are lived in the loving presence of God, who is always with you.

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