The Breathe Series - Digital Download

The Breathe Series - Digital Download

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Invite: In the film Deep Waters, we learn how Cheryl overcame one tragic personal loss after another, finding peace, strength and hope. This short film and the others in this series are each accompanied by group discussion questions (run time 13 minutes).

Inspire: In the film Spiritual Breath, RSVP executive director Donna Lamothe tells her own life-or-death story and leads participants on a journey to consider where their own breath comes from (run time 11 minutes).

Invest: In Prayer is a cinematic vignette that places us in the midst of a scene where the outcome is uncertain and each participant goes to God in their own, individual way (run time 6 minutes).

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In addition to the film(s), each download package includes relevant discussion questions for use in a group setting. Instructions for opening and using the files are provided here: Film Guide & Technical Help (PDF)

Each download package is provided in .ZIP format. This enables us to deliver the film(s) and questions to you in a single file. This single file contains all your purchased content. Most modern computers can open .ZIP files to reveal the purchased files inside with a simple double-click on the .ZIP file icon. If your computer is unable to open the .ZIP file, you may need to install the following software on your computer:

Once you have installed this software, you should be able to open the .ZIP file and access your film and question downloads.

Please Note: If you are using Windows as your operating system, you will find a folder called "_MACOSX" in your package. This folder should be ignored.

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