My inSPIRE Journey - 35 Day Individual - 6 Book Bundle

My inSPIRE Journey - 35 Day Individual - 6 Book Bundle

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This special bundle packages 6 books at a discounted cost. Get multiple books, and bring some friends along on the journey!

NEW! Purposeful exploration, revelatory discovery, life-long transformation. An inSPIRE journey is an invitation for God to speak, to strengthen any or all of the five areas of your life that are separately identifiable and yet interwoven:


This 35 day individual journey guides the reader to consider wholeness according to God’s timeless principles in the Bible. Daily journey thoughts are followed by questions to consider as you commit to making the changes that will lead you to spiritual – physical – intellectual – relational and emotional wholeness. As you grow through this guide you’ll be the SPIRE that readily points the way to wholeness in Christ, to those around you.

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Book - 104 pages

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