The Voice Series - Digital Download

The Voice Series - Digital Download

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Purposeful, powerful and engaging, the RSVP Film Series, VOICE, takes you through a unique progression of three short films and discussion questions, to help you explore faith in Jesus. 

Invite: Walk towards freedom with Alexander in Silence, as he overcomes sexual abuse and its consequences.  

Inspire: Consider the power of voice in Reach Up, as RSVP Ministries’ Executive Director, Donna Lamothe, shares a timeless lesson and her own example of "tuning in to the song", and then watch Soap Box Duo’s powerful performance of their original song, Shades of Blue.

Invest: Learn how to use your voice to benefit those around you in the film, Speak Out.

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*Important Download Information

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In addition to the film(s), each download package includes relevant discussion questions for use in a group setting. Instructions for opening and using the files are provided here: Film Guide & Technical Help (PDF)

Each download package is provided in .ZIP format. This enables us to deliver the film(s) and questions to you in a single file. This single file contains all your purchased content. Most modern computers can open .ZIP files to reveal the purchased files inside with a simple double-click on the .ZIP file icon. If your computer is unable to open the .ZIP file, you may need to install the following software on your computer:

Once you have installed this software, you should be able to open the .ZIP file and access your film and question downloads.

Please Note: If you are using Windows as your operating system, you will find a folder called "_MACOSX" in your package. This folder should be ignored.

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